Important Usage Guidelines:
      To run the script with the default options, run the script without arguments
      Allow MySQL server to run for at least 24-48 hours before trusting suggestions
      Some routines may require root level privileges (script will provide warnings)
      You must provide the remote server's total memory when connecting to other servers
   Connection and Authentication
      --host <hostname>    Connect to a remote host to perform tests (default: localhost)
      --socket <socket>    Use a different socket for a local connection
      --port <port>        Port to use for connection (default: 3306)
      --user <username>    Username to use for authentication
      --userenv <envvar>   Name of env variable which contains username to use for authentication
      --pass <password>    Password to use for authentication
      --passenv <envvar>   Name of env variable which contains password to use for authentication
      --defaults-file <path>  Path to a custom .my.cnf
      --mysqladmin <path>  Path to a custom mysqladmin executable
      --mysqlcmd <path>    Path to a custom mysql executable
      --noask              Don't ask password if needed
   Performance and Reporting Options
      --skipsize           Don't enumerate tables and their types/sizes (default: on)
                           (Recommended for servers with many tables)
      --skippassword       Don't perform checks on user passwords(default: off)
      --checkversion       Check for updates to MySQLTuner (default: don't check)
      --updateversion      Check for updates to MySQLTuner and update when newer version is available (default: don'
t check)
      --forcemem <size>    Amount of RAM installed in megabytes
      --forceswap <size>   Amount of swap memory configured in megabytes
      --passwordfile <path>Path to a password file list(one password by line)
   Output Options:
      --silent             Don't output anything on screen
      --nogood             Remove OK responses
      --nobad              Remove negative/suggestion responses
      --noinfo             Remove informational responses
      --debug              Print debug information
      --dbstat             Print database information
      --idxstat            Print index information
      --sysstat            Print system information
      --pfstat             Print Performance schema information
      --bannedports        Ports banned separated by comma(,)
      --maxportallowed     Number of ports opened allowed on this hosts
      --cvefile <path>     CVE File for vulnerability checks
      --nocolor            Don't print output in color
      --json               Print result as JSON string
      --prettyjson         Print result as human readable JSON
      --buffers            Print global and per-thread buffer values
      --outputfile <path>  Path to a output txt file
      --reportfile <path>  Path to a report txt file
      --template   <path>  Path to a template file
      --verbose            Prints out all options (default: no verbose) 

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